Contracting with EIS

As an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) 8(a) Eagle Integrated Services (EIS) can help government customers establish a sole-source contract vehicle up to $22 million. We work with you directly to develop an effective and efficient solution on YOUR terms rather than having your program disrupted by low-price/technically-acceptable competition. Our process:
  • Brings certainty and predictability to incumbent contract employees
  • Reduces contract award time frame
  • Reduces workload on customer resources
  • Meets small business and socioeconomic goals
  • Cannot be protested
Contract Vehicles
8(a) Sole Source
  • Sole source ANC awards cannot be protested; bypassing the costly approval process; 13 CFR 124.517(a)
  • Ability to negotiate with contractor prior to award, to include cost and defining the scope of work
  • No dollar limit per award, approval needed only for awards over $22 million, FAR 19.805-1; 19.808-1
An award can be easily accomplished in 7-21 days inclusive of ensuring a non-protestable contract award.
Step 1: Decision is made to issue a Direct Award to EIS

Step 2: Intent to Award letter with PWS is sent to EIS’s SBA representative

Step 3: SBA reviews and makes determination that EIS is capable of execution

Step 4: SBA sends letter of acceptance to Contracting Officer (CO) and Specialist

Step 5: CO informs EIS and agency that they may enter into negotiations

Step 6: Once mutually acceptable terms are agreed upon, contract is awarded

  • An award is normally made in 1 – 3 weeks
  • No need to develop exhaustive and rigorous specifications for evaluation of bidders
  • No pre-award documentation
  • No requirement for extensive post-award documentation
  • An assurance that government requirements are met at the earliest time possible
Eagle Integrated Services